Saturday, 21 March 2009

let u see abit of india

damn tired leh.haha. study from 8 until 5pm..sumtimes 4pm. then everyday have to study. nothing else we can do. Actuall that is what we supose to do. ahha. Last two days our class had chosen a male representative and a female representative ...Arvend and manphreet..

Today actually we plan to go a place named END POINT of Manipal. but the class ended at 4pm...the lectures added their classes.. but nevermind we learn more.

The lectures have their own slang.sometimes u cant understand what they are saying,so they have to repeat what they said just now.

Manphreet knows how to speak in CHinese eventhough she is an indian.shocking leh.

We starts our anatomy disection lectures. Lectures let us try to disect arm part 1st. all indians dead some prayers in my heart before i disect...respect the dead person ma.haha
It's abit geli lah, when u start disecting a people because the fats will come out.and it wil stick on ur glove.

our lecturer giving us alot of details..but now i learn that details is not good for students because...we have to study more compare to other Uni.Haha.joking.

people around here can joke.not like malaysia.haha.every shop mia tauke also can joke with them.

Benny joked with a restuarant tauke that 2May is his birthday, can he get 2 peices of chicken for free on is birthday?ahha the boss say YES.haha

physiology is stil ok.

Recently a miss a food from malaysia...fried doesn't have mia.

So many malaysian food here.But left out this one.


my spec dunno why senget ki.haiz...luckily i bring a back up so no problem for me.haha.
senior will take me go out and do one day.maybe will change a spec if here is very cheap.haha.

India got one thing nice that is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP !!!!!!!!!! biscuit cream HO Chiak.

Just the internet can't download anything.even photo...

see so gaix mia internet..ONLY in INDIA.

biochem sir is so fast..speaking so fast and hand writting is so terrible..yet he sat cakar ayam d hand writting only can be doctor.haha. izit true?haha

count red blood cell...Mr. Jay prakash teach us..he is our mentor...
Until here...
this is my daily life photos...

spring roll ball ball.chicken.soya bean.

me with ice cream.

scene in india

traffic jams

me in lab coat

female dead body

male dead body

Saturday, 14 March 2009

14 March

15Mac will be the first week in india...

Saturday class... i woke up at 6.30pm..but i snoorze my handphone arlam until 7am.. OMG! my roommate and me both also havn't bath..I let him bath first . I do my accounting things then i study physiology awhile...ding, my turn to bath.skipping our breakfast, we rush to the lecture hall 3C.Then is biochem class lecturer give us time to copy the notes on the board. So giax.


It's time to breakfree...soaring,flying...hehe.kenot sing in the library while typing blog. my roomate,(Leon) and me walked back to hostel, but Rash, Arvend,Kishor,Pravin & Ken went to eat breakfast plus lunch at snack shack ...

after a fe mins leon and me starts we went to eat at foodcourt.we met shawn,edmund,kok mun,de zhi...we joined them for our lunch.

We went to police station and do our student registration.because we didn't bring the original copy of the document so we patau balik ...we decided to go on monday again.i will left us 8 more days for us to do the registration before the deadline ends.

I meet with a senior...he taught me biochem in library...then he lend me his SE headset ,cuz i need it but he doesn't use it before.haha.

on the way back to hostel, i meet with a local indian..he asked me to play hockey with him.but so sorry i have to i kindly rejected it.hoping for next time.his name is Negras.

sudy until 5.30pm... i went to play basketball with my friends.I defence all the game just becuz nobody can defence so pity me.haha.But atleast i was being praised by them bcuz of my excellent basketball skilll....duno are they jetting me or what.ahah..paiseh ya.i have to make myself hapy with this small entertainment...HERE DOESN"T HAVE MUCH ENTERTAINMENT HERE.

6sumthing, me and leon went to YOUR CHOICE Restaurant for our dinner.after dinner,i went to watch football. EPL.. MU vs liverpool. when Gerrard scored the penalty i quickly phone Xiag, bcuz he didn't watch at KL. and liverpool came back from behind.

Final score MU 1: Liverpool 4..

Raining heavily at night time.ahha.

Right Here Right Now

Mmm, yeah
Yeah yeah

Can you imagine?
What would happen?
If we could have any dream
I'd wish this moment
Was ours to own it
And that it would never leave
Then I would thank that star
That made our wish come true (come true) oh yeah
'Cause he knows that where you are
Is where I should be too


Right here, right now
I’m looking at you and my heart loves the view
'Cause you mean everything

Right here, I promise you somehow
That tomorrow can wait for some other day to be (to be)
But right now there’s you and me

If this was forever what could be better?
We already proved it was
But in 2,123 hours A bend in the universe
Is Gonna make everything
In our whole world change (it’s our change, yeah)
And you know that where we are
Will never be the same oh no

Right here, right now
I’m looking at you and my heart loves the view
Cause you mean everything

Right here, I promise you somehow
That tomorrow can wait for some other day to be (to be)
But right now there’s you and me

Oh we know its coming
And it’s coming fast
(As long when there’s you and me) (Oh yeah)
So let’s make every second last, make it last!

Right here, oh right now
Yeah, I’m looking at you and my heart loves the view
'Cause you mean everything

Right here, I promise you somehow
That tomorrow can wait for some other day to be (to be)
But right now there’s you and me
(you and me)

Ohh you and me

But right now there’s you and… me!

my 2nd blog in india. Umbrella

India was fun leh.ahha.
the people here is shaking their head when they talk to you.and they can speak english..
now i would like to show some photos in Melaka-Manipal Medical College.haha.

today i went to the police station with my friends to comfirm with the police that we had reach manipal.haha.

finally i feel like manipal is like a home.ahha. warm here.people here nice.just the air abit dusty...

the road eventhough is tar ..but mostly cover by sand ahha.a litte bit of mud too. The manipal selling expensive compare to the nearest town to maniapl (UDUPI)...

here always wil no electric..but just for a few seconds....then it wil recover..

i miss bangalore. Bangalore is northen part's so wonderful.

now the weather is changing ...june or july will be their monsoon season..but now everyday starts raining abit. yesterday it's so heavy..just like Msia lah.

Some senior told us that.we should prepare umbrella soon.

under my umbrella ela ela eh eh under my umbrella.

sorry i have no time to turn the photos..sorry ya.
i appologize for the confusion and inconvinience.

this is the roti at food court. it's different from malaysia.and it's much more crispier.haha

This is the stage of senior batch...aka batch 23 giving us a warm welcome of batch 24 in hotel of Valley view

the scene from aeroplane when we are leaving bangalore to mangalore

the sky is so beautiful...wah..

my sleepy eyes when i'm in the hotel in bangalore

The beautiful airport...

me and xiang in KLIA

my baby cousin sis..she has a big eyes.haha

my friends say bye bye to me at QBhaha

someone is examing what is inside the bottle.

me and the bottle.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

1st day in India.

hello friends,

now i can't upload my photos in manipal yet haha. so i wil upload soon. 1st post from india ...haha. There is alot of things that i wanna tell 3 people ..two people maybe they will read it...but last person is the one who dunno that i have this blog.haha.

They helped me alot in the last night in penang for me. Eventhough the it was late that time, around 1am something, but they stil helped me. i want to take this chance and tell them arigato.

when i reach india. it is 11.15pm india time, malaysia will be parents definitely havn't sleep because they are driving home straight from KLIA.

8March evening
I leave my aunty's house from putra height, then we ate our dinner around 5pm to a restaurant named- The Walnut cafe in Gaint shopping centre which is near to Putra height.when i reached KLIA it was 7pm..take our air ticket and checked in immediately. My uncles,aunties,parents, my younger bro,my elder bro (who fall sick that day)...last but not least is my grandma.they sent me to the airport together.......9.55pm was the flight...MH192...

reached Bangalore at 11.15pm, damn freezing outside the airport...22degree celcius the pramugari told us..but i don't think it is 22 degree celcius..i think it is lower than that. now i take out my sweater and wear it...our main luggage was sent my lorry from Bangalore International Aiport to Melaka-Maniapal Medical College (Manipal campus)....we took our laptops and hand carrier to the hotel. The Hotel is bla bla bla Orchid Garden Hotel or something...aka Pinx Hotel...

we were serve supper at 12.45am in the morning...morning liao stil eat supper.. Malaysia time wat time liao...

the next day 4am indian time have to wake up liao.6am heading to the same airport again.the airport damn pretty and clean.haha.

1hours flight from bangalore to mangalore...

reached 12pm.
chatting with friends in the airport.haha.

The weather is just like malaysia. 36degree in the morning and afternoon, 22at night. some senior asked us to believe 6months doesn't have a droop of rain water here.....(shaked my head) come like damn dry..lips get dry up very quickly.

met some senior,they are very friendly...write up to here.haha. i have to go now.bye bye. MAlaysia is i can say it's true...IF you can see no 'news' from rocket and 'libra' do you know what i mean?haha.
Take care.