Sunday, 30 August 2009


I'll keep believing in the future, not caring if anyone laughs at me
The passion running within you makes you shine
It's too dazzling, but I want to keep watching you
Somehow, sensing those aesthetics makes me really really stuck on you
Chasing, chasing after the one in my dreams
That is like no one else
With a feeling that burns like it's kindling the dawn
I don't know yet what the consequences will be
Instead of these boring times, it's gotta be dramatic
Until we achieve that, believe in wonderland!
Under casual rules, we've avoided a mountain of problems
But because of your pride, you can't turn back down this road
On your weak nights when troubles keep coming
I will hold you tight, I wanna wanna be with you
Holding on, we keep holding on
To a dream that no one else can see
Because I'm with you, we have such hot feelings
We don't really need consistency
Instead of a mundane routine,
Run towards paradise and believe in wonderland!

One Piece - Believe, Folder 5

this is a japanese song...since i found the lyrics in english so i posted here...i quite like this song recently.haha.

if u wan hear it,u can check it at youtube..ahah.

a lot of things havent finish before i came back to sad.haha

so what to do ? continue doing it on next year now concentrade n study...gogogo!!!!! gambateh.haha.^^ telling to myself.haha

Saturday, 29 August 2009

looking back

last month totally in resting mode...

got touch my book abit but not much.haha

handed over a special photo to someone..haha.quite big one.dunno where the photo will being hang?

planned to take 100 the 1st moment i think 100 photos in 26 days is abit much..but i stil wil do my very best on it..In the end i only took 3photos in 26days..haha..


1. watch movie...i watched Fast & furious 4,X-men 4, transformer,night at the museum2,chun li,ice age 3,ghost of girl friend past, G.I Joe, On His Majesty's secret service (Loois khoo is in this movie..damn abit swt swt lah)

when watching G.I.Joe eating a homemade popcorn..wah so syok.i ate alot but pity the person sitting beside me cuz that person didn't eat much of it.a nice day a nice movie.ahha

birthday when out on 6sumthing in the evening..celebrate in house but not my house as birthday cake..special birthday..i took back to open the birthday shocked when i open it .^^ i looked at the watch...2am d..haha.feeling sleepy then oink oink d..

i talked to mum awhile about counsin's matter..after listening...o.O everything is like that..gave some personal's views then only sleep..

everyday on9 and play restaurant city..i got alot of ingredient...changed by someone loh...haha.someone say 3moths later he or she no time to on9 cuz wanna work in mall alredy..

soft hearted mia me agree to trade all the ingredient he or she want they got quite afew level 10 mia dishes..haha.i haven't got any yet..sobbing T.T

One piece is the anime i watch wholde hols. ahha.nice friends intro me when i recah india but i didnt watch any episode in india..(no time to study stil watch anime meh?ahah)so i watched in msia.bought the dvd in BJ.50episodes per DVD..i bought 3...going to finish it when i came back on chinese new year.ahaha

since tomorrow gonna start 1st lesson i end it here

One Piece Characters Pictures, Images and Photos

One Piece Characters Pictures, Images and Photos

back in india

everything change even the road..worst.haha alot of changes..the worst thing is my friend i'm cute ..i'm ot a little boy..

the first day when i reach my hostel i change my jean then i when to UDUPI(another town) to report myself in police station.

so hot when i reach the police station...i took out my friends looked at me..i replied him ...'i scare of sun ma..cannot meh.' now when i think back..quite a funny answer..

at night..we go to manipal canteen and makan..wah fried squids,chicken 65,veg ball,soda lime...

eat until papa..then we wlak back..i study awhile then tidur liao.haha

today woke up early..after my breakfast i went to library n study...wah i'm the first...8.05am in library...1st time reach lib 1st.ahah..on the lights then pia...until 1pm...lunch makan chicken..

study again.. for my 1st block i didnt have proper notes so i redo again..almost finish d...haha.thanks to my extra understanding brain..joke joke..

miss the movue of harry potter..haiz.

but i watch G.I.Joe and i watch transformer in my room not bad wat? haha

cut a short hair..a nice hair back in penang.

wirte till here lah. XD

Thursday, 6 August 2009

woah i feel good

lazy to write blog recently because i'm extremely happy!!!!!!!!!!

G.I Joe i'm going to watch it!!!

New moon...aka twilight 2..haha.i bought whole set of twilight book with just rm20 from india.haha..

New moon is coming out this november.haha