Wednesday, 29 April 2009


today whole day cloudy and windy.haha. it's nice to sleep, so it cause you to fall alseep easily. BUt i din't fall alseep.haha

woke up at 5sumthing d..bcuz can't sleep d...or i say take it as wake up sendiri.

go to class,10-1030am breakfast break...mostly we use that time to rest awhile. then class again, 1230pm-2pm is lunch break. they cook very slow so eat also one hour gone...left 3O mins ...go back to class n study.haha

After class ...when the time is getting nearer to 5pm, our heart beat get faster...why? bcuz we are going to enjoy a 4days consecutive holidays.

but exam is coming...3weeks more to exam...exam shd be earlier but bcuz of the new students,so they postponed it.but some small paper doesn't postponed.


after class, whole gang went to drink fruit juice. there are three indian kids keep asking me to buy them food,give them money, give them my drinks...

in my heart i want to give them but i know my family needs the money its so hard to decide what to the end, gave the youngest one 5rupee..

NOT ENOUGH, the other two keep following me and my frenx and ask for money..the process no need to say too details..just keep begging...waliew, what you want me to do?

after awhile they walk away to take their bag.. i wonder inside the beg is full of money or what?

next time what should i do? should i give or not? i have no ideal of it.


Monday, 27 April 2009

Me ^^

There is a sudden change of life stlye for me.i feel more energeticand more passion to do anything, but there is a risk that u wil make urself sleepy in class that is to study until midnight... Burning midnight oils are common in india, not only malaysian, but also the local indian.

At my hostel, the people will scream and play at 12am.haha.after the curfew.Everynight we are able to hear the sound of wisel bcuz the guard blow his wisel before he close his gate.

Library is just like a jacuzzi here.Jacuzzi can make u relax and sleep(if u totally relax)...the jacuzzi here is like u can put urself there 24hours...sleep,eat or anything also can do in the library except for talking too loud.

last time i used to play basketball, but now is badminton.haha.playing badminton is quite fun actually bcuz u wont clash with anybody...u actually exercise more than basketball. this is my point of view towards badminton and basketball lah.ahha

GOt one thing i'm scare of eating in india Chicken. the meat we can easily found here is chicken... masala chicken,grill chicken,tanduri chicken,roasted chicken....eventhough is quite cheap but we are afraid of eating it already. Fish s very rare to found in my city.sotong....just one restaurant got. How to makan?

breakfast is important the begining i always 'fishing ' in the i everyday eat more enerygy to study...Passion to study was get from a song...NOW OR NEVER..don't know u all listen before mah?haha

radio,TV, not important here.. Handphone is important here bcuz this is wat we can contact with each other.

I joked with my fren that, if somebody wanted to stole my bag and handphone,which one will i snatch it back from that person...haha.i told him that i choose hanphone.haha.

there alot of photos,music and ....hehex.too many liao. so many things inside leh.sure save beg is just paper and pencil box.

silly me.


this is the oldest disney character..he is older than mickey mouse do u know? mickey is 80 years old, but winnie the pooh is 82!!!! hahax

pooh bear.hehex. significance of a date...chirstmas...

SWINE FLU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently i just read newspaper from star online...omg! 1st time reading newspaper online in serious case until i can't believe it.. Swine Flu

GENEVA (AP) - The World Health Organization on Monday raised its pandemic alert for a new strain of swine flu by one level, two levels short of declaring a full pandemic.

The phase 4 alert means there is sustained human-to-human transmission in at least one country, WHO said.

"The change to a higher phase of pandemic alert indicates that the likelihood of a pandemic has increased, but not that a pandemic is inevitable," the agency said in a statement. WHO's assistant director-general Keiji Fukuda added that "at this time containment is not a feasible option" and the global health body is instead urging affected countries to mitigate any outbreaks.

Fukuda said the evolving crisis could easily push the pandemic alert higher or lower in the coming days.

WHO is not recommending border closures or travel bans, Fukuda said.

"At this time instituting travel bans would really not be very effective" as the virus has already spread to several other countries, he said. But he said people who are ill should delay international travel, and those developing symptoms after international travel should seek medical attention.

WHO has confirmed human cases of swine flu in Mexico, the United States, Canada and Spain. Only Mexico has reported deaths from the new strain.

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan made the decision to raise the alert level from phase 3 after emergency consultations with flu experts from around the world Monday.

The agency earlier recommended that people stay calm and use common sense. "If people feel sick, if people feel they are suffering from some kind of ailment like flu (then) they need to go and see a doctor," WHO spokesman Paul Garwood told The Associated Press.

Spain confirmed the first swine flu case outside North America on Monday, and suspected cases from New Zealand to Israel were raising concern that the new virus was spreading rapidly.

Mexico still appeared to be the epicenter, with more than 1,600 suspected swine flu cases and as many as 149 deaths in which the virus is suspected, according to Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova.

The agency refrained Monday from recommending that commercial vaccine manufacturers switch production from seasonal flu vaccine to pandemic vaccine.

WHO says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has already produced a vaccine virus strain and is currently growing this strain in eggs - the first step toward producing an effective vaccine.

Fukuda said the first batches of swine flu vaccine could be ready in four to six months, but that it would take several more months to produce large quantities of it.

here is some FAQ

What is swine influenza?

It is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A strains of the influenza virus. It regularly causes high flu outbreaks in pigs but with low death rates. There are four main sub-types of the virus, but the most recent isolated influenza viruses from pigs have been H1N1 viruses.

How does it spread?

Swine flu viruses do not typically infect humans though they do occur through close proximity or contact with infected pigs or contaminated areas. Cases of human-to-human spread have been documented.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are similar to those of regular flu: - Fever - Lethargy - Runny nose - Cough - Sore throat - Lack of appetite - Vomiting and diarrhoea in some cases.

How common is swine flu infection in humans?

In the past reports of about one human swine flu virus infection had been received every one to two years in the United States. From December 2005 till February 2009, 12 cases have been reported.

Has this strain of flu been seen before?

No. Flu mutates constantly, so it is common for new strains to emerge. Pigs can also be infected with both human and avian influenza, and the current circulating swine flu strain appears to contain genetic elements from all three.

Can swine flu be treated with antiviral drugs and flu vaccine?

The swine flu is resistant to two common drugs – Amantadine and Rimantadine. The H1N1 swine flu viruses are very different from human H1N1 viruses. Therefore, vaccines for human seasonal flu would not provide protection. However, a “seed vaccine” has been specifically tailored to this swine flu and will be manufactured if officials deem it necessary.

Can people catch swine flu by eating pork?

No. Swine influenza viruses are not transmitted by food. Eating properly handled and cooked pork and pork products is safe. Cooking pork to an internal temperature of 70ºC and above kills the swine flu virus.

How long is someone with swine flu considered contagious?

People with swine influenza virus infection should be considered potentially contagious as long as they are symptomatic; possibly for up to seven days following the onset of the illness. Children, especially younger children, might potentially be contagious for longer periods.

What can I do to protect myself from the swine flu?

There is no vaccine available right now to protect against the swine flu.

However, you can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza by:

- Covering your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or handkerchief when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the waste basket after you use it.

- Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also helpful

- Try to avoid close contact with sick people. - If you get sick with influenza, stay at home and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.

- Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

- Consult your nearest healthcare facility if you think you have any of the symptoms.

Which countries have had cases of the swine flu?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed human cases of swine flu in Mexico, the United States, Canada and Spain. Only Mexico has reported deaths from the new strain.

Are there any travel restrictions or advisories for Malaysians?

The Health Ministry on April 27 advised Malaysians against travelling to certain places in the United States, Mexico and Canada which have been affected by the swine flu.

What precautions are in place in Malaysia?

- The Health Ministry’s operations room in Putrajaya has started a 24-hour monitoring of the situation. The public can call 03-8881 0200/300 for enquiries.

- Those returning from Latin American countries and found to have flu-like symptoms will be quarantined.

- Health Ministry officials are conducting health screenings on passengers arriving from the United States.

- Thermal scanners will be placed at international airports to speed up the screening process for swine flu.

- Public and private medical practitioners have been instructed to report to the district health office any patient with influenza-like illnesses or severe pneumonia symptoms and who had travelled to the affected countries after April 17.

- Owners of the 797 pig farms nationwide have been ordered to immediately contact the nearest Veterinary Services Department office or the Animal Disease Control Centre if their workers or animals show symptoms linked to the swine flu.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Stay with me

recently i was sleeping in library for awhile in the afternoon..then continue study at night sleep at hostel.haha. everyday i wil listen to a song before i sleep... in a japanese song... i translate this song into english. here is the lyric

Kaoru amane- Stay with me.

My heart rushing to see you again
Will this love reach you?
I become happy only by seeing you appear behind the small window

When I carried with me
The teardrop you quietly left behind that day
I sang out my dreams

Stay with me, you’re my brightest light in my life
Stay with me, I want to hold your hands Forever and ever
And slowly walk the path of tomorrow with you

I had keep my wings up in a box of time
You entrusted them to the wind
And as night suddenly descended over the town
With the courage you gave me, I was able to sing

You’re giving it your all
Let my heart shine
At a speed fast enough to keep up with you

Stay with me, I want you to tell me why you’re sad
Stay with me, I want to watch with you forever
The moon and the sun and the things we can do

Stay with me, you’re my brightest light in my life
Stay with me, I want to hold your hands forever and ever
And slowly walk the path of tomorrow with you


Aitai kimochi afuretara
Kono omoi ga umaku todoku no kana?
Chiisana mado ni arawareta
Anata wo miru dake de ureshiku naru

Ano hi ni sotto oite itta
Namida no tsubu kakaetara
Nee yume wo kanadeta

Stay with me anata wa watashi dake no ookina hikari
Stay with me anata to zutto zutto
Te wo tsunaide itai
Soshite ashita e tsuzuku sono michi wo aruite yukou

Jikan no hako ni tojikometa
Tsubasa wo anata ga kaze ni noseta no
Futo maiorita yoru no machi
Moratta yuuki de utaidasetan da

Ganbatteru anata ni
Makenai you na supiido de
Nee kagayake kokoro

Stay with me watashi ni kikasete hoshii kanashimi no wake
Stay with me anata to zutto zutto nagamete itai na
Tsuki to taiyou to soshite futari ni dekiru koto wo

Stay with me anata wa kitto kitto mou hitori no watashi
Stay with me anata to zutto zutto
Te wo tsunaide itai
Soshite ashita e tsuzuku sono michi wo aruite yukou

Sunday, 12 April 2009

emptiness of heart rolling on thre mud

when a person feel that he or she rolling on the mud... what is the feeling of that... study sure will make a person tired. but mentally? it depends. if a person always cover his or hers trueself with a mask...definitely he or she will feel tired bcuz that is not him or her.

why we should wear a mask to meet with people? we doesn't need it actually...i think other people will jie4 yi4 of what we are....actually do u mind your friends bcuz of anything...or jie4 yi4 anything from him or her?

it's just a matter how we see our self... i imagine myself as a small sand before, but i forgot who told me these....'if you think you are a sand then you forever is a sand...if you think u are a strong mountain then you are the strongest mountain.'

never look down on urself.

when a person lost it's direction. 1st we should stop and look around then continue walking towards our own dreams..

everybody have their own dream...just the matter how high u set ur dream...nobody can reach the top of mount everest in 1 why don't we set our target lower abit...then we set our aim higher next time...this is the a better way to achieve our target, don't we?

Our inner soul is always empty...nobody can replace it bcuz we didn't try to accept anything..we scared that something or someone may damage our beautiful soul. the soul in human is always empty if we didn't believe something good will happen. positive minded person also will face problem of emptiness in heart...izit true? i guess it is...

knowledge is what actually....we come to this world is to gain knowledge d mah? why in our agama didn't teach us to be more intellegent? then what is the purpose of coming to the world? to me knowledge is not so important...bcuz i care most is about the way of life. Way of life is what you should learn everyday.what we are learning now, is how we gona use in future..but will the knowledge change your attitude or the point of view towards life?

So we should learn what is life from this moment..this is the meaning of learn until you are old.
some people wil say ...what i so old liao, why stil need to learn what is life..

Frankly speaking, everybody is stil have empty spaces in ur heart..even you are 100years old it is stil there anything can replace it? the ans is no.

Emptiness in heart is a creepy thing. I realised it before i come to india, but now i only type it bcuz i feel quite empty also...just like you.

We must see ourself as a mountain forever...dont see urself as an ant, don't compare urself to other people.We must compare ourself only.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

@.@ in india

life here is very hetic..

India here...internet slow..the food here always no electric...suddenly stop..then got electric back.i wonder izit the whole Manipal no electricity?...

i been to many places to eat in manipal..

1)HOt & cool...This is the only restaurant open until 3am....

2)HObnob(i won't try the food from this restaurant again)..

3)Your choice.(local KFC selling there.)

4) Chef-Inn (I personally highly recomend this restaurant because the burger is damn damn damn HOchiak.Better than Malaysia especially it's myonise...sedap.)

*One day, Dz and me..walk to chef in and buy the we eat was 225ruppes... most of the senior can only have discount until 10 rupees..but Benny he get 25rupees discount...woah...all the seniors keep laughing at this matter.haha.*

5) tasty bite....i won't say anything much about this restaurant..cuz the food is terrible....uek x.X

6) Thaline...the only tasty chinese food selling at there.

These is the few place i always go with freinds during dinner.


i was so gan cheong when i sit for the anatomy class alot of silly end up just 53/80...

senior say is good for 1st time but i few like i can score higher mia...

in my disection group...our disection lecture give us viva test every period...

the 1st test i get 0.5 marks out of 1....the second i get 2/2....ahha full marks...if u duno how to ans then he wil deduct ur marks....

when we see other ppl being ask...the question is easy...but when it reach us,we feel hard...after we check the ans,,then we only know it's easy...anyways 1st time only ..

the second time i heong heong lai, heong heong kong get full marks..the only fullmarks of the hapy..cuz mostly get -1 or -0.5 marks.i get 2.5 marks.haha.


During disection period, our lecturer wil take his phone up when it ring..bcuz vodafone line is giving out free handphone if u picked the phone call from them.ahha.but he is always unlucky ^^

long time tak abit lazy to type long...

India here tak ada wax,clay or mud...just ada got indian smell mia...geli nia.


The place we went before...

1) End point... end point of manipal.damn nice sunset and sunrise view.haha.there is a garden there.a lot people resting at there...because tha fresh air..

2) Malpe beach. i went there twice in a week. 1st i went there with ah pau,san hoe, reena, li ning, kong seong and jacey(he is a guy)..
second time....benny,de zhi, edmund,kok mun, leon, ah pau, Tc, san hoe,li ning,reena,kong seong, wen xin, zhi wei, lychee,vanessa, garnett.......lastly is me.....
the sea was hindi ocean...the wave we go second time is stronger... leon,edmund tc n me walk towards the center of the sea together agaisnt the wave.damn enjoy at that moment.. wah liew everybody kena throw once into the sea....i kena thrown the 3rd... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we order a cake and eat leh.we wrote 'WE SURVIVED 1MONTH!!!!!' so nice the chocolate delight cake.ahha.

i keep the do something when i reach penang. everyday fold one star haha. then put into a bottle.^^ just like writing a dairy..

our pocket filled with sands also. The next target ...TURTLE BAY!!!

my nehru hostel so hot..i stay at 3rd floor only...i already can't tahan for this month liao...i wonder how the 5th floor people sleep everynight? i quickly write my name on the waiting lists for amartya sans hostel...mostly my friends staying at there..the place there cooler and no mosquito...(so won't kena bite.)

kena bite very pain mia...the next day u wil be keep streching it.

Every saturday night i wil go to benny's room and sleep. damn hot leh my nehru hostel.
we study in the room, eat in the room,play in the room..everything lah ....wat we do also inside benny's room.
i was shocked when my parents allow me to go vacation during august,haha. PUlau RedanG..

another beach.cham we loved to play at the beach.. ahha.august can also celebrate at there if got this chance. yeah yeah yeah.... we have no more holidays d..

Today is Good friday...before i come to india, i made a beautiful ester egg to a person... the picture on the ester was i standard 4 win a ester drawing competition mia picture..i won 1st runner-up..haha. i stil remember the picture.. Hope they got display it out...don't break it! T.T


here is a lyric for MS..

Many nights we pray
With no proof anyone could hear
And our hearts a hopeful song
We barely understand
Now we are not afraid
Although we know theres much to fear
We were moving mountains long
Before we know we could

Oah yes
There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who know what miracle
You can achieve
When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayer so often proves in vain
Hope seems like the summer birds
Too swiftly flown away
And now I am standing here
My hearts so full I cant explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought Id say

There can be miracles
When you believe

Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who know what miraclea
You can achieve

When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe

They dont always happen when you ask
And its easy to give in to your fear
But when youre blinded by your pain
Cant see you way safe through the rain
Thought of a still resilient voice
Says love is very near

There can be miracles
When you believe
when you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who know what miracles
You can achieve

When you believe
Somehow you will

You will when you believe
You will when you believe
You will when you believe
You will when you believe
Just believe
You will when you

when we want to something which we hardly can succeed...our hope will be no more be with us.
If we believe we can, We Sure can... this is my 2nd spirit... 1st spirit- Never Give Up..2nd spirits- Believe our ownself.

we can achieve anything easily when we start believing something good...


missing penang~

(photo wil upload soon)