Sunday, 26 July 2009

benny dance

this is our performance on our prom night...we enjoy it...

my the most right...chelsey lah laugh laugh laugh then 4got about me...

sorry if u see no me.haha.broken acceptable in blogger

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


med life somethime can be boring...thats why i'm on9-ing now to release stress and cheer myself up.ahha....joke joke.

this few days very happy lah...bcuz of something..hehe(secret)

feel likes going back home. i cant imagine that i'm in msia soon..

one of my friend(zet), damn funny...he told me that everyday he is dreaming about the day that he going to enjoy eating,sleeping in penang.haha..

another mate.last year we didnt talk to each other but when we come to manipal we chat alot.ahah.she is too funny...she is the first person who told me that she miss dimsum....omg i just realise indian also like to eat dimsum..haha. if i know how to make it,i gonna do it for u and taste first....

going to learn do pancake or waffer liao.yes!!!!

it seem like last year my bday dreams are going to come true...3 wishes..

hey evrybody...i got a korean name..HYO SHIN...just call me SHIN haha.

i hope i can have my hairs just like him

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the next target ...i wanna build my muscles liao.haha.i wanna bcum more muscular..

linda chung and raymond lam Pictures, Images and Photos

this photo make me happy...^^

linda chung and raymond lam Pictures, Images and Photos
damn funny..

linda chung and raymond lam Pictures, Images and Photos

raymond lam and linda chung Pictures, Images and Photos
let this photo end my blog haha.gotta do revision liao. haha

Saturday, 11 July 2009

exam coming

haha.exam coming liao no need guess where i wil go always...library...

sleep at early morning is a must and wake up in the early morning is a must but the raining season make us easilt to fall asleep.haha

coming back liao...penang food is waiting for me

Friday, 3 July 2009

new look?

two weeks ago....

can leave any comments? izit better i look like this or when i'm in short hair?

hopfully my mum wont see this..anyway she duno how i look now. XD

4July is Prom night.haha.i'm going it with whole gang of of my fren was chosen to take part in Mr. Supremo...we helped him in the korek-ing his dancing talent out, we wil dance with him.

Prom night...i wish i could go with somebody in future haha...secret person...she know who is she.haha.

coming back to unlucky that i have to quarantine myself dulu.i planned for everything in august..hopefully everything according to plan.but just one day i leave it blank...8 of august...i stil in quarantine...*what can i do at home?sleep?*

i dun wan to waste my time to sleep.haha.

currently scare nobody can regconise me in now post the photo me of two weeks ago,so atleast u cant see me. hehe.

counting down that i stil got how many days to reach penang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PENANG wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!