Monday, 14 June 2010

i'm working on story now. I feel did my best in the exam. i hope i can pass and now is heading to new block.So there is no any reason for me to be lazy or what.I watched world cup.Woah. Waiting for Brazil and Spain. One day i will watch the wprld cup at the stadium.oone day. ONE DAY!!!!!!


Thursday, 3 June 2010

this few days

On 31may, i enjoyed the day because there is 31% discount for baskin robins. I spent my day studying in library with my friends.

around 3pm.Woah.I'm too desperate for eating ice cream. (Maybe i work in new zealand natural before.So i love eating ice cream so much)

Lets go. whole gang pay a visit to baskin robins. we queue for almost half an hour before our turn. I ordered two large scoops of ice cream. World class chocolate and very berry strawberry! LoL.eating ice cream under the the hot sun. that day the temperature was 41 degree celcius. * hot >.< *

Most of them eat at the spot and take away their ice cream. black current lah,mango,banana,coco mint ...etc

i'm not scare of getting fat after eating ice cream because i'm skinny LoL

after eating the ice cream, we went in a Muslim restaurant to try the pisang goreng there. India also got muslims mia...

the pisang goreng is bigger,longer and better than the one in Malaysia.

after that i went back to study.

During dinner i went to buy something at the gift shop and write a letter to an old friend in KL,because her birthday is coming up. the next day,her mum....bla bla bla..

in the end i go to take back the letter the next day from post office.(bcuz of some reason)

my blocks exam are coming up this weekend.i don't wanna screw.I'll work hard on it. I dunwana fail it!

Going to change my specs soon.

After my locks i wanna shoot a video in my place here.Hopefully it can be carry out..last but not least and also blowing harmonica. LoL

Thursday, 27 May 2010

27 May is microbe 3rd class test.Ok i manage to do better compare to the 1st two.haha. I'm a bit happy. actually i can do better,but there is some careless mistake.

28 may is wesak day. As i had promised myself that i will eat vegetarian food throughout the whole day.India doesn't have a proper vegetarian food.But i will eat vegetarian food also.

On 27 may.That night my dinner and supper was Dominos! Cheese and pepperoni (pepperoni & extra cheese) *100% pork peperoni* and cheesy white pasta (non-veg) eat eat. Eat as much as i can before the wesak.

After enjoying the delicious dinner and supper.i straight away sleep after that.

early in the morning saw some sms from malaysia.Thanks to you all.

Have to get back to study mode.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


exam is near. I have not enough sleep.i will sleep around 5 or 6am-8am.i know it's early in the morning.

To those nocturnal friends,we are active at night just like batman.LOL

I prefer studying at night or do whatever things during midnight because nobody can and nobody will disturb me.

Before the sunrise,i can hear birds singing outside my window.haha. Here is not like malaysia,there is not much chicken and rooster here,so rooster won't wake me in the morning.haha.

The only thing which can wake me up is when my alarm rings.

Getting more stress everyday,tomorrow is the last day of lecture before the exam.

Tonnes of things to study and a lot of facts are so volatile especially pharmacology.All the classification of drugs.

hey, I saw an article just now,it stated that if a person doesn't have enough sleep (at least 6 hours) then the person may die earlier.Haha izit true? I think it is true because our immunity won't be functioning at optimum efficiency, and a lot complications will appear.

I'm very lucky that i'm not in japan.The government had announced that obesity is illegal in japan. man and women should have a waist not more than 35 and 33.woah! a lot of Japanese were shocked but according to a health minister, the japanese can have a healthy society. The government will fined those company which have workers who are obese.haha.*pity them* To prevent being fined,some companoes had prepared food for their workers and play some music during tea break to let the workers exercise awhile.

A tradition japanese food has calories of 600only..If it is compared to the American's fast food,the American's fast food contains 1.3k calories.OMG!! more than double.

SLIM SLIM SLIM for Japanese, GYM GYM GYM for me ^^

I will not be on9- for days. Take care friends.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

22May Birthday Bash!

Woah! tomorrow is de Zhi's birthday.last year we celebrate with him at ph's room.we order fast food from Dishes.That time we only expose ourselves to Turkish food.shwarma. didn't know about the real spelling. If you wanna know,i can describe to you.Chopped salad chicken and roll in our roti canai...the 'salad' is totally different from what we eat. If you go to any some mamak stall,i think you can find it is Ichibang!!!

i'm a football fans.even though Real Madrid didn't manage to win any trophy this season but i will still support them.I support them seen i'm 12 years old.Now the final of champion's league is going on.I support Inter!! i don't like germany futbal club. Inter , U must beat bayern!

World cup is going to start! I support Spain!!!!! ESPANYOL!!!!!!!

Today i come back earlier from library compare to other days.We go edmond's room to plan how we are going to bash De zhi. We bashed him with our liquid and eggs.

LIQUID = whatever liquid media you can find in kitchen.we add some corn flour and detol.haha.

He hide from us.He start hiding before 1030pm. (pandai ya). He give us hint..

First hint, i'm at a beatiful hostel and there is a garden.
Wei ...we search for you around our area for nearly one hour leh..
we got curfew one...we will fined for 200rps for those who stay in hostel.(including me)

DE ZHI, we are HOT now! WHERE are YOU!!!!!

.......bla bla bla..

Bashing Members : Benny (Leader),Edmund, Edwin,Shawn,Zet,Jesse,TC,KM and me.

WEAPON a.k.a liquid medium : all liquid you can mention.

our cameraman Jesse.

We spend 100rps for auto to search for De ZHI.

In the end we tricked him to come back hostel because we tell him we make an ice cream cake and we not going to bash him anymore(we are tired of searching for you)

Birthday boy appear infront of his house with his scooter..

Benny : TAKE YOU WEAPON! FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn and Edwin prepaer water gun to treat De zhi! they are range Hero, however the rest are melee.Haha!


Friday, 21 May 2010

medical students,they only have weekdays.....weekends are illusions..

i agreed with it. my wallet use to be bulky,even though not because of coins,but only movie tickets.I had keep all the movie tickets since 4 year plus ago..whole stack men.

I shared with my friends,they were shocked in the beginning. *stunned you all* LOL

Do you believe I'm still keeping the movie ticket that i watch for CASINO ROYALE James bond 007 with me? The color of the ticket had fade,but there is a lot of memories behind this ticket.

The last movie ticket that i watch is UNDER THE MOUNTAIN. In my point of view it was nice.*maybe* @.@

This few days, I'm desperate to watch a music concert. especially S.H.E and Show Lo.
I like Show Lo because his dancing and i like his songs.We are same horoscope also. LEO!!!!!!!!!! Same personality, but I'm not handsome.Haha.

I heard some of my friends had watched nightmare on the elm street and robin hood.


I will watch it after my block exam. You all don't be so chuan!!!!! haha. I consider as update also one k! haha.

This video is presented by The Lust Generation.
Lust generation is a group of 10 crazy people. Benny,zet,Jesse,Shawn,Paw,Wei bian, De zhi,Edmund,edwin, and ME ! ^^

hardly see me, because i'm at the back.

Lust Generation!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

what decision would you make?

One day,when you saw 5 children playing on a railway track...4 of them were playing on a functioning railway track,however the last child was playing at unused raiway track.

In a few minutes later you notice that there is a train is coming toward te 4 children.what would you do?

P/S: you are far away from the children.There is a switch just next to you,which allow you to change the train to unused track..

a) change the train to unused track
b) do nothing

One of my friends answered, reverse the can you do it?

the second one, KC said he will stop the train with his incredible biceps and triceps.. *you are clark kent !!!!*

at first i answer a0 change the train to unsed track to save the 4 children,but i have to sacrifice the one life of a kid.

Why there is no such answer as the kid manage to jump off the railway track themselves???


What right isn't always popular,
What popular isn't always right.

Oh GOSH!!!!

OMG!!!! my hair..MY HAIR!!!!!!!! *sigh* the indian fellow had raped my hair with his scissors... I want u to do thining not half front and back also short center quite long..DO u KnoW how to cut hair? i Wont ask u to cut my hair next time...

should i wear a cap tomorrow?feeling so weird...maybe i just apply wax or gel on it will can u do this to me..ISHK!!!

Thanks jesse...Thanks for fetching me to MIT food court.I did enjoy eating dinner with u..I enjoy sitting behind ur purple scooter.LOL..the mAss food there is cheap and nice to eat..Woah!

blowing beyond's 海阔天空 few minutes ago..i did it.LOL I DID IT!!!!!!]]

JESSE LETS rocks amartya sen hostel with ur guitar and my harmonica...WE can dO it!!!!!!


自从上个星期我就开始阅读静思语。一天学一句。。。 很有意义。 ^^


today no story..but just sharing of life is full of music..firstly because i like to play musical instruments and i like listening to songs...
secondly,i joined choir during primary school.

i have alot of hobbies so i will keep on trying to improve myself.because i wanna become better and better..

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

19may BEYOND

not going to library...cuz raining season starts today.woah..lucky i got big umbrella and a rain coat.if not i will die..

tomorrow is my class test..self directed learning class test..

so i must finish blogging faster.

start learning how to play dota.haiz i just know how to use luna and snipper..quite easy to farm actually.

yesterday i'm too free during midnight..nocturnal 'batman' (me myself lah)...try to blow neighbours are my seniors and classmate..we know each other very well...they wont mind i blow harmonica at night cuz tmr morning i'm their bio-arlam clock..knocking their doors every morning 1 hour before the class.

on-9ing at midnights is a boring things but i like it..because the speed is fast.i try to search the note for an old song from BEYOND..光辉岁月.this is a legendary band..

i manage to blow the whole song. i hope i have the opportunity to blow my harmonica with my ex-roomate..LEON.. HE is damn GENG in guitar..he taught me guitar last year but my fingers are as hard as a i give up in the end..lets play this song one day..haha.

hope u all like it..nice song anyway...


i wanna try 海阔天空。i will try to upload my harmonica version one day..but i need a good harmonica bcuz the harminica i have now is india brand.. *sigh*

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


guys i hope u all will like this songs...if u really like this song..plz comment and let me know..can? thank you.








i start writing back my blog.

bad days had past..i hope it wont be back.

last time i start blogging because of a person..bcuz i wanted someone to understand me more...but now i think is time for me to say hello to a brand new life...

for past few months,i had been living like hell,bcuz no matter what i do is also wrong..

bla bla bla..dont wanna mention about it..

new life new targets..

1st target is to pass my exam (in two weeks time) woah i don't wanna die in exam.. x.X

2nd is to heal my ownself..


i wished a friend's birthday.haha.actually i forgot her birthday one..thanks to facebook.i always tot that her birthday is 14may...(what i forgetful friend i am) least i intro her a few songs..haha.3 songs as present..not bad lah..currently at a far back awhile to wish a friend birthday worth then giving a present right?LOL



when i woke up this morning...OH GOSH very very hot leh..i look outside the window..all the roads are wet...after raining can be so wet also arh? =.="

now i just came back from library and writing this blog.

yoyoyoyo....past two months i have been going to gym...see what wil happen to me on august.haha. ^^