Monday, 23 February 2009

this call enjoying life

The time gone very fast and it wouldn't come back...

just now when i sign in my msn around 9sumthing.hahha. i saw patrick haha.he is on9-ing at AUSTRALIA. woah, the time is 12.15am already. yet they stil don't want to sleep eventhough tomorrow is their orientation day.

Yesterday my parents,xiang bro and me went to kl to arrange everything there for my bro haha. he is going to study at bukit jalil.. he lives with inti students.haha. actually all is good friends..haha. 5 people lving in the same house.ahha.

the facitlies there ichibang ... swiming pool,basketball court, tenis court and badminton court..maybe even more..but just the parking is abit 'over systematic' haha.

At night, sleeping at aunty's house. Last time she stay in a 3 storey house...damn big,,,now shifted to two storey house which are even bigger , just short of one storey lah. compare the renovation and everything, all brand new.. so yeng.haha.

the thing that made me happy that night was me alone sleeping in a room with two queens size bed connected to each gap between...wah, so syok..whole body lying at there..enjoy loh. haha. enjoying the air cond which is 16 degree celcius.


this is my life for this few days ^^

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine day

Valentine's day falls on 14 february....

i wanna use take this chance and wish everybody in this world Happy Valentine

HAPPY VALENTINE DAY! Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Valentine Pictures, Images and Photos


this is the love island in croatia...dreaming to go there one day.haha.i bet yesterday this island is crowded with lovers haha..

Love Pictures, Images and Photos

It's so sweet if a lover sitting on this island to enjoy the beauty of moonlight.haha.

red roses with white cover Pictures, Images and Photos

yday received a parker pen.i was so happy.haha.until i forgot what am i doing.haha.believe.

parker pen...parker pen..whole day thinking of parker pen..^^

time's up..

Aaron kowk's 爱情

Andy Lau,爱你一万年

Saturday, 7 February 2009

going to india

when i decided to go india to further my study... the first thing that came into my mind i crazy? bcuz i never thought that i would study oversea one day. and i'm getting closer and closer to achieve my dream.

before i made up my mind, i was being misunderstand by a friend...haha.that time i got abit down, then my mum came to me and ask me to make a decision where i wanna study at... after i calm myself down, my heart told me that i can go india and study MBBS.. now all my concentration is on studying at india.haha.

the whole january i was running away to decide my future.but today i'm free from this topic, and i'm willing to study it haha.

India i'm coming. now i left one month time to be in malaysia sad.maybe 2.5years will come back to melacca and do clinical training at there...hope everything will be fine.

India i'm coming

Thursday, 5 February 2009


is not something far away.
is caring for and valuing
a single individual.
It is bringing joy, not suffering,
to our mother.
It is reaching out
to those who are different from us.
It is having the wisdom
to reconcile after an argument.

And it is protecting
our beautiful natural world.
It is fostering
a rich culture.
It is refusing to build our happiness
on the misfortune of others.
It is sharing
others' joys and sufferings.

-- Daisaku Ikeda