Tuesday, 30 December 2008

this few days...

this few days, 10am go out than very late reach house haha. enjoy this holidays alot. i gain something which i should had done last year.last year i skipped a step which is an important step to me... but now i standing at the same stair again,....stand up again liao haha


a few days,do decoration on sweet.haha.i change a bottle into an angel haha. Actuall when i have this inspiration is from the words which a person said before...but i not so comfirm mia, then when i listen to tank's zhuan1 shu3 tian1 shi3, after that i start to plan haha.

suddenly when aunty tell me something which a person done, i don't know why my tears burst out it's own. that person doesn't do anything which iinclude money but the sincerity of that person made my tears flow out...but i din't tell that person before.


then the next day, daddy n mummy take us back to the old apartment(my old house).when i stand in front of the house, i saw the gate is stil the colour is stil the same haha.I was just like a small kid, rush into the house,go look at the master bedroom,my room, and a small room...and also toilet lah..kitchen and washing area pun.haha. everything is stil same...the tv also there haha.the curtain.


today when to see the U at kedah , bcuz i stil duno which to choose..


Thursday, 25 December 2008

christmas wee~

Hohoho merry christmas

Australia movie Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes finally chirstmas liao, this year d christmas i pass it very happy.

this little nullah.haha.very funny when he say anything in the movie.haha

whenn i watch this movie, i watch it at queensbay mall.we watched the earliest movie of that day. I forgot to ask how long is the movie haha. in the cinema room, when we so few people watching it only, izit the movie is too early?haha

the movie had let us saw the real Australia,not the city but the life in 1930s haha.saw the drover's life and the war.when japan attacked australia . Is a love movie also.haha

it's 3 hours movie. This movie is depends on how u see this movie,bcuz this movie is abit special than other's kungfu or war and love movie haha.so is depends on u. I feel not bad about this movie. when it reach two hours time,i though it almost end liao,because at a party already haha.but not is just half only,the japanese havn't attack Australia.haha. that Nullah little kid made me laugh each time he say something haha.he always tell her mrs Boss that i will sing you to me.haha. he loves to sing song haha.he also say he knows magic haha.

Nullah's grandfather is King George, he always stay with left leg only...haha. funny write, Nullah admire him alot and wanted to walkabout with him haha.

................movie part ends here.....................

Then i whole afternoon until at night helping somebody at her house. her mum cooked spagetti for us to fill our starving tummy ^^ yummy. special homemade sauce. more than 12hhours mah?didn't count

i just feel so relax at the house.not because the house is bigger than mine, is just that so secure there.haha.

when i reach the house at 1st, the puppy start barking at me d.haha. then he so shy until hide below the car, but it's fur is so soft haha.is sunshine(puppy) abit shy or scare of me ?haha @.@ anyway he is the birrthday boy, before i go home, i forgot to sing him a birthday so, it's so unpolite when the owner's puppy bday but i didn't sing birthday song to sunshine.haha. he is so adorable haha.

received a christmas present this year.And the only one haha.

to be continue ..... dinner dulu

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Monday, 22 December 2008

tomorrow is xmas eve..

xmas to me is a special day. haha. which i had done some silly things,crazy things before...spraying other people ...the most shocking thing happened on last year is there were a few people threw the empty bottle at the police and police car...thats why this year can't play spray anymore....... sobx.

here is some video that i wanna share to you, it's about the people in penang vs police.. XD

Sunday, 21 December 2008

lost direction

what would u feel if u found out that ur ex girl friend/boy friend or current girl/ boy friend is not the real of he or her... what would you feel?

recently i found back my heart beat.. pip pop pip pop haha. hear it mah?haha

last few days, i watched a korean movie on 8tv.. 200pounds beauty. abit touching in the end, because her fans support her, evenhtough she lie to her and got a few people say she is a faker...

you see the movie urself then u know what i me.haha. maybe ur thumbs wil pointing at the sky. X)

help a person do u hope for a money? haha. for me i think help people i never hope for any return..haha. tak tau why.

i just renewed my P lesen haha. yeah can drive on the road again.XD

recently i crazy about korean song and japanese song back leh.haha.suddenly eh.share with u all?

Thursday, 18 December 2008

some days

some days u will remember forever what happened on that day, some days u will totally forget what u had done that day...

if a thing has past for a few years,will you still remember what things that you had done at that day at that particular minute and second?haha

maybe someone who has a strong memory can remember it...

if u ask me today,what are you doing now in last year.......i can tell you i was keep on smiling after 6.31pm.. wahaha. but this year is completely different jor luh......so fast one year past liao...what had i done? nothing...

day of today

today go to school in the morning to certified some result haha.meet with voon,Chin,WL,CH... they all also go and take result haha.i saw some of them playing pool.haha. last time play pool is at gurney with friends haha.this time didnt play d.haha.

after lunch straight go to a friend's house and do some decoration thing.haha.aunty and she also do the decoration thing..when i saw the lolipop and sweets,my saliva starts to come out the..at first i duno where is the location of the house so have to make aunty busy by leading me to their house from pisa haha.

last few week, sunshine bark at me...duno today why it didn't bark at me geh?haha.dunno why...when sitting in the 'car', the heartbeat is beating faster and faster very ounce of me...then it follow with a familiar but long time didn't hear d 'hi'....haha.get a shock...i was stunned at that moment...i was so paiseh that time,...so just reply with a smile..(did anybody see me smile before?i think seldom bah)
did she saw my smile?haha.tak tau , this answer just she know only..

am i ben dan?

omg, i dream to take photo with sunshine since last year ...but today i din grab tightly the chance leh.haha.if got chance again hope can take photo with 'sunshine'...'sunshine' is kinda cute leh haha.so happy when i saw it ^^...maybe i'm a puppy lover. XD

when doing the decoration thing, aunty bancuh me a cappucino hor?haha.not so sure...if very nice d...tak tau why today ki form,can got a few not bad d ideas to give to aunty and MS.haha.start chating like that loh..then do something.. at first design d thing got abit crazy..in the end stil can manage to come out with useful idea...not bad not bad for me..haha.joke.

overall today quite happy, and abit high high like that.bcuz at least i help tiok people.hmm...when helping people,i do feel happy haha.i just duno how to say out my joy...but i 5.30pm leave the house..is late and my mum got cook my dinner so i have to go home.haha. a mama boy? =p

xmas is coming, tomorrow is a special date ,haha.i think is just me who stil remember is what day is it...haiz~

this few days like to listen to this few songs haha.

duno why those melody of the song are in my mind...is god are telling me anything?or just this few songs are my favourite when i feel lonely last time?why is come back again? @.@


when bro and me go and fetch my youngest bro from ttn, then we straight go to queensbay and buy cake for dad and mum.haha
bought a black forest chocolate..and chocolate banana.yummy.haha.but in the end those cakes were not in my tummy T.T

cake come back to me....haha.crazy d me

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

day of joy comes with nervous and memories

result comes out liao...just the average have to wait.6.30am my bro woke up and check his result...(why he so nervous?i stil remember i'm having the sweet dream...)but suddenly my door being opened by my dad... oh man, he woke me up and said...sien,wake up liao...

no point, is dad, so i have to wake up. my result is ok. so i feel quite happy today.^^
joy Pictures, Images and Photos

nervous because i scare my result turn out to be bad..and if my result did not hit the target i may make my dad n mum dissapointed er...now at least i'm abit relax now..so everything just leave to kl liao haha.see how they value my result.

when i saw the result, the scene of study at school flash accross my mind.^^ especially maths,english and bio class haha.the teaching of teacher damn funny and the class won't feel bored haha.

tommorow have to go back school and take the actual result liao haha.can meet friends again haha.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

态度 attitude


please be patience to watch all the video..this video change me alot...attitude..



15dec / heart beat

today do chinese new year cookies with mum .haha.^^ peanut cookies. 花生饼。。bcuz my hand is oily so didnt take photos haha. but is yummy.

this few days seldom touch my handphone d haha. finally ot addicted to it. long time didn't listen to leem hom's songs d...i like his old song...but his new song 'what's wrong with me'...this song make me abit dissapointed haha. but when i listen to his 2nd new song...'心跳'heartbeat....then i feel like abit sad ....izit his true love story?haha


You want to argue with me. Im not that bored.
I apologize without understanding. Im not that bright.
I desire to go back to where we began.
You are crying again. I fail to give you comfort.
Im shaking my head again (disapproving of my actions), thats that much regret.
Loves progression makes it already hard to turn back, but Im unable to move on.
My body still wont leave because of what is currently in my chest. Two hearts can solve many problems.
How many tears has love made us shed?
Your eyes are brimming with beauty to carry away my heartbeat.
In this way, you draw closer to take away my heartbeat.
Time has turned back to the beginning. Can you give me a moment?
Im waiting for whatever day when you will also remember
That happiness hovering in your memories.

support lee hom's heartbeat o. haha

Thursday, 11 December 2008

i'm back yoyoyo

hello, finally i can sign in my blog d haha. recently i didn't have much time bcuz i kinda busy with my facebook haha. friendster i kinda lazy sign in lately haha. so if gt chance find me at facebook. XD

last few days i went to qb n watch bolt, my bro watch twilight.haha.two people watch two different movies haha.bolt got an english quite nice in the movie..some scenes are funny n some scenes are touching ahha. finally bolt learns how to be a real dog haha. return from kl,i went to many places at kl woah... 1st i saw the astro on demand guy with a lady Dj..chui leng(a MY fm DJ,don't know u all know or not haha)..my dad didn't walk with us because he meet up with his old friends at pavillion...he saw Datuk Lee Chong Wei.haha. is truth,haha. but to people who stayed at kl ..this kind of things are normal to them...(just my own thought)

i will upload my photos that i took at kl soon.bcuz is quite a lot..more than hundred photos..crazy right? just a few days took so many photos..my mum even laugh at me...XD

bolt begging Pictures, Images and Photos

bolt,rhano,and mittens Pictures, Images and Photos

enjoy this song..bcuz this song is nice..i heard it when i'm enjoying the movie.. is kinda hard for me to find this song.. ok thats all for today..

Friday, 5 December 2008

totally dunno what to do

ok. last year i enjoy a happy life..totally no pressure at all. Even SPM also i take it as nothing(thats why d result didn't hit my target)..The christmas of this year, i think i not going to celebrate or what already, spraying at gurney is fun but two year consercutive spray other people starts to give me a feeling of boring i dunno why like that. last year i dunno why so stupid just duno want to make a friends sad then i din ask a person out until got abit sorry to that person.

this time i got abit lost (i felt),i also dunno why.just a feeling of lost,is just like a bird without its wings,eventhough it want move forward,without its wings how can it fly.The difference between last year and this year is too much, until i can't accept it.maybe there is something that we need to accept at the time that we didn't even ready to accept the truth, is not we don't want to accept the truth,is we dunno how to accept it at that very momment. So now starts to begin to accept the truth.

This few days i enjoy myself shopping with aunty,grandma, mum n my bro...i only know that penang is small but it got want i want which can make me happy...there is a thing that can make me happy but it is impposible to happen(i think), now my situation is worst than a person shouting on top of the mountain,shouting on top of the mountain at least u are not alone (bcuz of echoes)...At this moment, i felt that i standing at somewhere that i dunno, no matter how loud i shout,there is no echoes return...can u imagine the feel of this?

my words maybe is imaginary to u all, but i just trying to exprees my own feel. i not a person that easily to say out what i wanna say,bcuz i scare to let people know what my heart wanna say...when somebody read my heart or my mind, my mouth will be as hard as a stone bcuz i will tell that person that i'm not or sorry i not thinking about it....is quite hard for me.. now, i try to say out bcuz nothing to do now. ^^

when a person told you about something that u dunno, please fully believe the person, trust a person is the best way to understand a person....don't try to argue or to tell the person what is ur thinking (P/S : is u want to understand a person , not want to force people to understand you first)...trust a person is the best.RmB what i said, i may help you one day...

Sometimes, sure we will argue with someone...when two people argue with each other...please remain calm ..(P/S:nobody want to argue with anybody).The arguement starts maybe one has misunderstand something or one has see something different that you have left out which is important...

~misunderstand something is maybe say wrong words or what..

~see something different...this i would like to spend sometime at here..no matter how perfect is a person, there is still a spot that you a weak..
here is some examples...

-human have a weakness at our neck..which is at our back..that is our weak point,when a child use his finger and press at the point of a muscle man, the whole body of the muscle man will be helpless that time.(please don't try it, it makes u pain)

-not everybody have the same MIND, its always imposible to find a person with same thinking because the person is not you..almost same is hard..totally is kinda impossible.haha. it's just like shooting a bullet, and it will reflect back to you..do u think it is possible? haha. anyway this is not the main thing. Just as i said, nobody have same mind so do thinking.. the gene of anybody is special because nobody can have exactly same gene as you have.. BUT if u narrow the scope of view there will still be different views,but there is also always same thinking(alost same)...Just like you see at a half water filled cup, you will say it is half full or half less? this is what i mean by narrowing the scope... If a person what is the word 'life' means to you...this hardly to find same thinking...now catch what i mean? So try to think about others..

THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON IF YOU TELL A PERSON SOMETHING, YOU DIDN'T MEAN TO ARGUE,DIDN'T RESPECT THEM OR WANNA MAKE A PERSON ANGRY...bcuz whatever other people do is just want you to be BETTER and GOOD..maybe in ur view the person is bad always say you this wrong that wrong or whatever...but actually that person is just want you to be better or Good..

Just like u buy a handphone,sure you u know that hp have advantages then only you are attracted to it or even wanna buy it, but if there is somebody tell you the disadvantage of the phone u will start thinking the person is mumbling or want to force you do another thing that u dun like...actually the person is just want you to be more understand about the hp and dun want you to buy something that may be some disadvantage that may bring trouble to you...SO next time when somebody tell something bad about you ...please appreciate it ok?

thanks for reading my post until here...

rmb to listen jay's gui ji below.. i like it so much. XD

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

this year almost end already...
this few days, a lot of things happen haha. i say about the thing yesterday night, yesterday night phew ...talk with a friends until very late... that friend told me about my weak point...haha.i admit,is i wuhui something 1st..but this is i realise after that friend told me.i duno how to say my misunderstand...i really zhen1 xin1 to appology for the misunderstand..hope that person know what i mean.i will give time to something..i promise.


hey i tell u one secret i saw ah piao1 leh. not joke or play with u all d neh. scary leh.whole face white colour eh.if pale ..no blood like that d..
better dont say about it so much ..

i saw it when i was very sick...gastric for almost one week neh.what i eat i will vomit out straight away.. not once only..so terrible. at first i tot i is too hungry or over the time that i usually eat (i usually eat at 1pm)...

One night, i felt very sleepy then i just sleep on my bed,i really sleep ki liao. but suddenly below my rib,above my stomach very pain, is like got knife pushing in to the part...damn pain,,, extremely pain.pain until tear drops u know, can't even say a word.that kind of pain i duno how to descibe is suffocate.lucky i struggle and lay on the sofa at living room...then cant stand up already..

pain more than 1 hour like that,i faster ask my bro fetch me to clinic. then my younger bro faster feed me milk to neutralise my stomach.but i stil vomit out. when they want carry me to the lift..i keep lying on my youngest bro d shoulder..on the way to clinic only saw 'the thing'...my dad also follow we. dad say need go to Lam hwa ee first bcuz it is the nearest hospital to my house..but when i reach the overhead bridge,i told them go to clinic can d bcuz not so pain d..tell u all one thing, my eyes is open that time, but my eyes ball is looking up to the sky... in chinese we say fan1 bai2 yan3...woah.. when reach the clinic..so many people at there..i just see tiok white light...just the light from clinic...i hardly to say a word u know?
at that very moment, i feel like i'm at hell...can't breathe bcuz the pain ....

this is my experience to fight with death of God.haha.i wish i could have more time.........

If I could If I could
就讓音樂變成空氣 讓我和你感應 IT
If I could
If I could

就能走進你心裡 找一點點感動

就能夠逃離自己 莫名的小哀愁

就能夠替天知道 未來的秘密

就能夠自由自在 找到我的天空

如果我能改變 這不完美的世界

If I could If I could
就讓音樂變成空氣 讓我和你感應 IT

If I could If I could
就讓夢想變成旋律 但願有你傾聽 IT

If I could
If I could

就能夠替天知道 未來的秘密

就能夠自由自在 找到我的天空

如果我能改變 這不完美的世界

If I could If I could
就讓音樂變成空氣 讓我和你感應 IT

If I could If I could
就讓夢想變成旋律 但願有你傾聽 IT

If I could
If I could

Monday, 1 December 2008


这几天去了gurney,BJ and pragin...与朋友玩了是高兴的。。去gurney 的时候CX 吵着说要吃海鲜,只好用costal highway(本比较远)的路。。。就在码头那里吃午餐。


到了gurney..现到达red box。。。心顿时觉得在流泪。。不知道做什么。。原来我在那里与不在的她有美好的回忆。。我忍住不流泪。。很难受。

走过很多地方。。。都有她的影子。最惨就是在戏院前。。。想起了stardusk更是要硼溃了。。 结果就躲在一旁打snooker打得还不烂,虽然开始手有一点不顺利。在那里呆了一小时多。哈哈

有去one stop玩ding ding..看到的又是她在玩游戏机的影子。。。幸好在跑车的时候还跑出了第二名。。有四个朋友加一个要跟我们‘斗’的大人。。他用manual 我们全用auto。。。开始是他领先的可是被我的技术吓坏了,所以从第二圈开始我一直领先下去。。。最惨的就是明明不能赢了就故意撞我的车尾。。。幸好我拿了第二。。。而第一则是KO拿去。。最好笑的是我的朋友已开始以为有一条路是short cut(其实是pit stop)他马上喊做么我的车慢去的。。当别人告诉他的时候他才恍然大悟。。几好笑一下short cut. XD

到了pragin 买了长裤和短裤。。。到处都是她的影子。。。戏院啦,拍大头帖,游戏机店,CD RAMA, Hong kong video。。。。太多了



我还想她?(在去着gurney,BJ,one stop和pragin 的时候听着的歌)