Thursday, 3 June 2010

this few days

On 31may, i enjoyed the day because there is 31% discount for baskin robins. I spent my day studying in library with my friends.

around 3pm.Woah.I'm too desperate for eating ice cream. (Maybe i work in new zealand natural before.So i love eating ice cream so much)

Lets go. whole gang pay a visit to baskin robins. we queue for almost half an hour before our turn. I ordered two large scoops of ice cream. World class chocolate and very berry strawberry! LoL.eating ice cream under the the hot sun. that day the temperature was 41 degree celcius. * hot >.< *

Most of them eat at the spot and take away their ice cream. black current lah,mango,banana,coco mint ...etc

i'm not scare of getting fat after eating ice cream because i'm skinny LoL

after eating the ice cream, we went in a Muslim restaurant to try the pisang goreng there. India also got muslims mia...

the pisang goreng is bigger,longer and better than the one in Malaysia.

after that i went back to study.

During dinner i went to buy something at the gift shop and write a letter to an old friend in KL,because her birthday is coming up. the next day,her mum....bla bla bla..

in the end i go to take back the letter the next day from post office.(bcuz of some reason)

my blocks exam are coming up this weekend.i don't wanna screw.I'll work hard on it. I dunwana fail it!

Going to change my specs soon.

After my locks i wanna shoot a video in my place here.Hopefully it can be carry out..last but not least and also blowing harmonica. LoL

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