Thursday, 27 May 2010

27 May is microbe 3rd class test.Ok i manage to do better compare to the 1st two.haha. I'm a bit happy. actually i can do better,but there is some careless mistake.

28 may is wesak day. As i had promised myself that i will eat vegetarian food throughout the whole day.India doesn't have a proper vegetarian food.But i will eat vegetarian food also.

On 27 may.That night my dinner and supper was Dominos! Cheese and pepperoni (pepperoni & extra cheese) *100% pork peperoni* and cheesy white pasta (non-veg) eat eat. Eat as much as i can before the wesak.

After enjoying the delicious dinner and supper.i straight away sleep after that.

early in the morning saw some sms from malaysia.Thanks to you all.

Have to get back to study mode.

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