Wednesday, 26 May 2010


exam is near. I have not enough sleep.i will sleep around 5 or 6am-8am.i know it's early in the morning.

To those nocturnal friends,we are active at night just like batman.LOL

I prefer studying at night or do whatever things during midnight because nobody can and nobody will disturb me.

Before the sunrise,i can hear birds singing outside my window.haha. Here is not like malaysia,there is not much chicken and rooster here,so rooster won't wake me in the morning.haha.

The only thing which can wake me up is when my alarm rings.

Getting more stress everyday,tomorrow is the last day of lecture before the exam.

Tonnes of things to study and a lot of facts are so volatile especially pharmacology.All the classification of drugs.

hey, I saw an article just now,it stated that if a person doesn't have enough sleep (at least 6 hours) then the person may die earlier.Haha izit true? I think it is true because our immunity won't be functioning at optimum efficiency, and a lot complications will appear.

I'm very lucky that i'm not in japan.The government had announced that obesity is illegal in japan. man and women should have a waist not more than 35 and 33.woah! a lot of Japanese were shocked but according to a health minister, the japanese can have a healthy society. The government will fined those company which have workers who are obese.haha.*pity them* To prevent being fined,some companoes had prepared food for their workers and play some music during tea break to let the workers exercise awhile.

A tradition japanese food has calories of 600only..If it is compared to the American's fast food,the American's fast food contains 1.3k calories.OMG!! more than double.

SLIM SLIM SLIM for Japanese, GYM GYM GYM for me ^^

I will not be on9- for days. Take care friends.

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