Friday, 21 May 2010

medical students,they only have weekdays.....weekends are illusions..

i agreed with it. my wallet use to be bulky,even though not because of coins,but only movie tickets.I had keep all the movie tickets since 4 year plus ago..whole stack men.

I shared with my friends,they were shocked in the beginning. *stunned you all* LOL

Do you believe I'm still keeping the movie ticket that i watch for CASINO ROYALE James bond 007 with me? The color of the ticket had fade,but there is a lot of memories behind this ticket.

The last movie ticket that i watch is UNDER THE MOUNTAIN. In my point of view it was nice.*maybe* @.@

This few days, I'm desperate to watch a music concert. especially S.H.E and Show Lo.
I like Show Lo because his dancing and i like his songs.We are same horoscope also. LEO!!!!!!!!!! Same personality, but I'm not handsome.Haha.

I heard some of my friends had watched nightmare on the elm street and robin hood.


I will watch it after my block exam. You all don't be so chuan!!!!! haha. I consider as update also one k! haha.

This video is presented by The Lust Generation.
Lust generation is a group of 10 crazy people. Benny,zet,Jesse,Shawn,Paw,Wei bian, De zhi,Edmund,edwin, and ME ! ^^

hardly see me, because i'm at the back.

Lust Generation!

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