Thursday, 20 May 2010

what decision would you make?

One day,when you saw 5 children playing on a railway track...4 of them were playing on a functioning railway track,however the last child was playing at unused raiway track.

In a few minutes later you notice that there is a train is coming toward te 4 children.what would you do?

P/S: you are far away from the children.There is a switch just next to you,which allow you to change the train to unused track..

a) change the train to unused track
b) do nothing

One of my friends answered, reverse the can you do it?

the second one, KC said he will stop the train with his incredible biceps and triceps.. *you are clark kent !!!!*

at first i answer a0 change the train to unsed track to save the 4 children,but i have to sacrifice the one life of a kid.

Why there is no such answer as the kid manage to jump off the railway track themselves???


What right isn't always popular,
What popular isn't always right.

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